Assignments                                                                            Red = Item Due   

Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday
8/26 - 8/30   First Day Lab
Discuss Lab Safety
Observation and Inference
HW:  Science vs. Technology
Cube Activity
Puzzle Activity
Lab Safety Contracts Due
Scientific Method
Choose Lab Groups
Color Change Challenge
9/2 - 9/6 --Labor Day--
Scientific Method
Salt Water Lab
Salt Water Lab
Lab Groups
Finish Lab
Ch. 1 Vocab Quiz
Present Lab Conclusions
Scientific Method WS
9/9 - 9/13 Metric Measurements
HW:  Metric Conversions
Temperature Conversions

Ch. 1 Notes
Lab: Metric Measurements Lab Temperature Conversions
Finish Metric Measurements

Graphing Packet
Relationships Lab
9/16 - 9/20 Ch. 1 Review Ch. 1 Test
Inquiry Activity pg. 37
 HW: Mixed Nuts Activity
Ch. 2 Notes
Paper Chromatography lab
--No School--
Ch. 2.2/2.3 Notes
Chemical & Physical Changes Lab
Ch. 2 Vocab Quiz
Ch. 2 Study Guide
9/30 - 10/4
Density Tubes
Ch. 2 Test
Ch. 3 Notes
Mercury Thermometers
Notes:  Thermal Expansion
10/7 - 10/11
Soda Can Activity
Dry Ice
Heating Curves Lab
PhET Lab
PhET Website
Study Guide
Ch 3 Test
10/14 - 10/18
Ch. 4 Notes
Atomic Theory
4.1/4.3 Notes
Scale of the Atom
--VHS Test Day--
Just How Small is an Atom
Finish the Atomic Theory
Probability Lab
-- No School--
10/21 - 10/25
-- No School--
Modeling the Atom
Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons
HW:  PNE worksheet
Flame Test Lab
Ch. 4 Vocabulary Quiz
Bohr Models
10/28 - 11/1
Fluorescent Reflections Lab Review Ch. 4 Ch. 4 Test Ch. 5 Notes
Paint Chip Activity
Predicting Densities
Notes: Periodic Table
Element Song
Valance Electrons
Dot Diagrams
Alkali Video
Lab: Comparing Chemical Properties
  CH. 5 Vocab Quiz
Periodic Madness
Hunting the Elements video
Study Guide
Review Game
Ch. 5 Test
Work day-- periodic madness and element book
Periodic Madness Due

Data Analysis

Work on Element Bookds

Ch. 6 Notes

Ionic Bonding Basics

Oxidation #'s and Bonding
More Bonding
Element Book Due
Ionic Bonding Presentations
Bonding Quiz

-- No School--
--No School--
 12/2-12/6  --No School--
Covalent Bonding
 Lab: Comparing Ionic and Covalent Bonds
 Lab Follow-up
 Ch. 6 Vocab Quiz
 1/6-1/10  -- No School --
 -- No School --
 -- No School --
 Ch. 7 Notes
 Conservation of Mass Lab
 1/13-1/17  Types of reactions
Single Replacement Reaction Lab
 Synthesis of Magnesium
Balancing and Types of Reactions Quiz
Review for Midterm
Jeopardy Game
 1/20-1/24  -- No School --
Midterms  Midterms  Midterms  -- No School --
 1/27-1/31 -- No School --
-- No School --
 -- No School --

CH. 10 Notes
Half-Life Activity
 2/3-2/7  Half Life Problems
Nuclear Reactions
 -- No School --
 Nuclear Newsletter
Finish and Present Newsletters
Ch. 10 Vocab Quiz

 -- No School --
 Station Rotation
 E = mc2
 Review  Ch. 10 Test
 2/17-2/21  -- No School --
 Static Electricity
 Circuits Basics
Series Circuits
 Parallel Circuits
 2/24-2/28  20.1 Reading Guide
Energy Ball
 Quiz: Electricity

Frequency Demos
 Ch. 17 Notes
 3/3-3/7 Wave types and wave parts
 Sound Lab
Wave Speed
Wave Speed Take 2
 -- No School --
 3/10-3/14  Wave Demonstrations
 Sound Lab II
--No School--

 Ch. 17 Vocab Quiz 
 Finish notes
 3/17-3/21  Review Sound Test
 Ch. 18 Notes
 18.2/18.3 notes
Light Lab
 E.M. Spectrum HW Due
 3/24-3/28  PhET Lab: Color
 Reflection and Polarization
 Incandescent and Fluorescent lights
 Review Ch. 18 Light Test
 3/31-4/4  *****  SPRING  BREAK  *****  *****
 4/7-4/11  Ch. 11 Notes
Distance v. Displacement
 Calculating and Graphing Speed
Graphing HW
Graphing Distance & Displacement
 Speed and Acceleration
 Ch. 11 Vocab Quiz

 Speed and Acceleration Lab
 4/14-4/18  Measuring g
 PhET Lab
 Review  Ch. 11 Test
 --No School--
 4/21-4/25  Foam Rockets
 Finding Range
 Varying Forces
 Continue Labs
 Finish Labs
 4/28-5/2  Ch. 12 Notes
Free Body Diagrams
Friction Lab
 Projectiles  CH. 12 Vocab Quiz
 5/5-5/9 Inertia, Momentum, Mass, and Weight

Projectile Motion
 Projectiles Lab
 Newton's Laws
 Balloon Rockets
Study Guide
 Review Game
Ch. 12 Test
 Balloon Rockets
 5/19-5/23  pHet Lab
 PE & KE problems
 KE Lab
Finish Lab
Introduce Paper Roller Coasters
Start Roller Coasters
How-to Videos
 5/26-5/30  -- Memorial Day --
 Work on Coasters
 Work on Coasters  Work on Coasters
Label Coasters
Roller Coasters Due
 6/2-6/6  Jeopardy  Final Exam Study Guide
 Review  Final Exams
 Final Exams

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